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An experimentation into branding


An experimentation into branding

Part I

In May of 2023, an old friend came to me with a request.

He was starting a new business, and wanted to get the branding done.

It was a short project, but he asked me to create a logo + color scheme for his new venture.

Part II

I started researching how to create a brand identity, and what information I would need before I could jump into Figma and start designing.

I had no prior experience with branding, and thought that this would be a good opportunity to learn some new skills.

Part III

I put together a survey asking a variety of questions, and had the team members fill it out.

Part IV

Primary customers:

Students in higher education institutions in the UK

Desired brand image:

Modern, educational & techy

Using this and the other information I had gathered, I was able to dive into Figma and begin designing. After countless iterations, this is what we landed on.

Company name: